Callebaut Belgian Chocolate Blocks

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If you enjoy making your own chocolate delicacies at home, you'll enjoy it even more with our Master's Selection of Callebaut Belgian block chocolates. 

1 lb 'broken chunks' in milk, dark, and white as well as in 11 pound full blocks. If you're not an aspiring chocolatier, you can crack'n eat these whenever the chocolate munchies hit!

We import these Callebaut Belgian Chocolate blocks directly from Belgium. Callebaut does have a chocolate factory in California, but there is a difference between Callebaut Belgian and Callebaut 'Belgian-American'. It may be subtle, but it is enough for us to use only the imported variety!
*Please note that the price of the blocks has been increased to offset the shipping charges for the 11 lb weight (shipping is based upon the 1 lb chunks)

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