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Whether you call it Sponge Candy or Sponge Toffee, or something else (see below), you'll call it wonderful. Each bite offers a crisp melt-away center of airy toffee honeycomb-like filling en-robed in the creamy smoothness of Belgian-styled chocolate. Hard to describe - even harder not to enjoy! Crisp melt-away centers en-robed in chocolate.

1 unit = 8 oz

Call It What You Will...

Sponge Toffee (Canada) 
Cinder Toffee (Great Brittan)
Sea Foam (Oregon, California, Michigan)
Honeycomb (Australia)
Puff Candy (Scotland)
Hokey Pokey (New Zealand)
Fairy Food (Wisconsin, Chicago)
Angel Food (Wisconsin)
Cinder Block / Molasses Puffs (St. Louis)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Gingerbread (New Hampshire)
Violet Crumble Bar (Nestle)
Crunchie  (Cadbury)

It's Sponge Candy to Us! 


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